Services & Rates


Skin Therapies

Cheryl's Signature Facial  (60 min.) $89*

Includes 2 cleanses, exfoliation, ionized steam, extractions (as needed), masssage (face and/or body), toner, customed mask, face and eye serums, followed by moisturizer and sun protection.

    Signature Customized Facials:

  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Sensitive Skin Facial
  • Acne/Oily Skin Facial
  • Rosacia Facial

*Complementary massage of your choice:

Neck and shoulders, hands and arms, or feet included!

(Cheryl, having a passion for massage over a decade, adds an  "extra touch" ...not always included in a facial.)


Teen Facial (45 min)$69

Deep Cleaning includes 2 cleanses, and exfoliation, extractons, high frequency/oxygen to purify the skin, toner, mask, serum and moisterizer.  Education on do's and dont's for healthy skin. 


Express Facial (30 min.)

$39, when included with another treatment

 $49,  when solely by itself

         Nice add on to your massage or other treatment, please schedule in advance.


Also for the person on the go or time sensitive, this customized Facial can be received solely on it's own. Designed to give maximum results in minimum time. Formulated to refresh, renew and revitalize, this treatment works with all skin types to reveal more youthful, healthy skin.

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Tone
  • Mask
  • Moisturize


Service Add-Ons      

Each  $24 

  • Foot Scrub with facial 
  • Hand Scrub with facial
  •  Face - Hot or Cold Stone with facial


  • Advanced mask/peels: Pumpkin, PaPaya,& Aloe Vera  

                       (prices can vary depending on mask)


Diamond Dermabrasion-add on to any facial $39

Microdermabrasion is A cosmetic procedure used to remove the top layer of sun-damaged and dead skin cells. A non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that removes dull, lifeless cells on the surface of the skin to reveal newer more radiant skin. Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles age spots, acne scars, stretch and hyperpigmentation, also improves the appearance of enlarged pores and reduces acne breakouts.


NuFace Microcurrent-add on to any facial $39

Increase your results with our NuFace Microcurrent Technology. FDA approved. Helps tone and contour the face while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Micro-currents tone and firm deep down by exercising the muscles.


Back Facial   (60 min.) $79 (with another service $75 )

Cleanse, Exfloliate, Tone, Mask, Moisturize and extractions, if desired, and massage.


Products used:

CA BOTANA develops and manufactures products using botanically, nature-derived, regrowable, and organic ingredients. We have a green philosophy, conserve energy, embrance renewable and recyclable resources.
Science. Nature. In Perfect Balance. Guaranteed ®
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Waxing Services 


Eye Brows $15 $10 when you ADD to a service

Lip $9 $7 when you ADD to a service

Chin $8

Cheek $12

Full Face $35

Underarm $12


Hair removal clients should not be currently using Retin-A, Accutane, Differin, or any other keratolytic medications. Use of these medications will prevent any hair removal method with the exception of tweezing. Hair should be at least 1/4" to be most effective.

Please refrain from using Retin-A, 7 days prior to waxing appointment.




Massage Therapies  

60 minute Custom Massage $69  ($1 each additional minute)

                 Theraputic Massage $79

90 minute Custom Massage $99

                  Theraputic Massage  $109 


 90 minutes recommended for

Theraputic Massage,

 a  series are highly recommended


(ask me about my series specials, both for 60 and 90 min.)


I specialize in customizing your massage

For you!

Some of my massage modalities include:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Prenatal (must be 14 weeks along,not during 1st trimester)
  • Table Thai 
  • Extremities Extravaganza Massage - Head, Face, Hands and Feet 
  • Theraputic Muscle Release
  • Somatics & Movements




Service Add-Ons    

Each  $24

  • Foot Scrub with massage
  • Hand Scrub with massage
  •  Face - Hot or Cold Stone with massage
  • Mini Full Body Hot Stone with massage



Ear Coning 

Includes a mini facial massage wth focus on the sinus and ear areas

(approx. 50 - 60 min.)


  • Is a safe and comfortable way of removing excess wax and toxins from inside the ears. Used by ancient Egyptian, European, Native Americans & others. Ear coning is an effective and relaxing procedure.
  • Includes a facial massage with focus on the sinus and ear area.

Ear Coning can:

  •   Improve hearing
  •   Eliminate ear infections
  •   Reduce sinus congestion
  •   Remove ear fungus
  •   Improve sense of taste
  •   Improve vision and color perception
  •   Improve sense of smell
















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